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The Mobile Explosion

31 Oct , 2014  

Well, is this really news to anyone?

Probably not, but recent data over the past few weeks have shown that mobile and tablet usage in 2014 now overtakes that of traditional desktop usage. This is particularly true of e-commerce driven websites, but signifies a containing trend towards the mobile web in 2014 and beyond.

This is especially interesting given the Government’s recent pledge towards free city location wi-fi in locations across the UK. For the East Midlands, Derby is set to be the immediate beneficiary of this when it’s rolled out next year, but other cities like Nottingham and Leicester are sure to follow further down the line.

What does this all mean? Well, it’s simply essential in 2014 that your website is not only mobile ready, but optimised, to take advantage of the performance constraints and habits of these types of users who are on-the-move – hungry for data, or spending.

Is your website ready for the mobile explosion? Don’t get left behind – contact us today and we’ll talk you through the steps and advantages of getting you on-board. “Mobile Web”? More and more, it’s becoming obvious that mobile is the web.

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