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Case Study: Youth & Policy

18 Sep , 2017  

The Youth & Policy journal was formed in 1982, to review and analyse youth policy, theory and practice. In 2010, the journal moved online and became one of the first entirely free open-access academic journals. Continue reading “Case Study: Youth & Policy” »

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Case Studies,Mobile Web Design,Web Design

Case Study: The Home of Handmade

14 Mar , 2017  

The Home of Handmade are a new boutique store, sourcing handmade and lovingly-crafted items by talented artisans. Satur9 were brought in to design and build a custom e-commerce store and website, so that its wide range of unique items can be shown and sold to customers. Continue reading “Case Study: The Home of Handmade” »

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Bespoke vs. quick-fix web design

12 Feb , 2017  

Whether you’re a long-standing agency or new business looking for your first website, we’ve all seen the trappings before. Website builders advertised on TV and elsewhere claim to have you online “within seconds”; pocket-change themes and plugins can be purchased and working in minutes.

Continue reading “Bespoke vs. quick-fix web design” »

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Are you happy with your CMS?

20 Apr , 2016  

We’ve spent a lot of time recently working with agencies, and in particular helping them out with updates to their clients’ websites on all sorts of tasks. Here’s a few thoughts we came away with, having learnt first-hand from some of the processes.

Continue reading “Are you happy with your CMS?” »

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CMS Made Simple Web Development

6 Nov , 2014  

Here at Satur9 Web Design, we’ve made many a website, but one of the CMS platforms we return to again and again is CMS Made Simple.


The key is in the name, but not only is the system a great platform for developers and designers Continue reading “CMS Made Simple Web Development” »

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