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Case Study: Youth & Policy

18 Sep , 2017  

The Youth & Policy journal was formed in 1982, to review and analyse youth policy, theory and practice. In 2010, the journal moved online and became one of the first entirely free open-access academic journals.

The group behind Youth & Policy contacted Satur9 to help migrate the journal towards web-only content, enabling editors and writers to more quickly publish and distribute their articles in an increasingly digitally-connected world.

Although the Y&P branding evolved with the times during the past 35 years, a group of recognisable colour schemes remained throughout, so one of the first decisions made was that this would periodically continue with the new website.

The rest of the design process involved a full custom re-design of their existing website, ensuring that suitable fonts and formatting were used for a comfortable, clear reading experience with the long-form articles. Iconography was introduced to aid navigation, and a subtle refresh of the logo was completed.

Built using the WordPress platform, the new website now allows multiple authors and editors to quickly and easily publish articles submitted to the group. Their enormous back-catalogue of journals were also uploaded into an archive so users can freely research and quote decades-old content, and a new search system allows fast access to authors, articles and key terms.

Editorial Group Member, Naomi Thompson, reflects:

“We have had a really positive response to the new website. The articles we post are much easier to share on social media and we have seen a massive increase in this happening than from our old site. It’s really brought us up-to-date and [is] easy to use both for ourselves and for those engaging with it.”

Finally, the group’s events and publications are also given sections of their own, and visitors can sign up to receive a newsletter on future updates and goings-on.

Satur9 worked closely with group members throughout the design process, management of the CMS, and to the final launch.

Naomi, continues:

“Lewis is great to work with, both face-to-face and remotely. He is able to explain technical processes in an easily-understandable way and has not only created a great website for us, but trained us how to use it competently. The personal face-to-face training [allowed] us to learn, ask questions and gain confidence in adding material to our website.”

Further updates and features continue to be easily implemented – ensuring Youth & Policy have a future-proof digital presence as they mature over the coming the years. Here’s to the next 35!

Take a look at the website here:

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