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Case Study: The Home of Handmade

14 Mar , 2017  

The Home of Handmade are a new boutique store, sourcing handmade and lovingly-crafted items by talented artisans. Satur9 were brought in to design and build a custom e-commerce store and website, so that its wide range of unique items can be shown and sold to customers.

As with many new ventures, The Home of Handmade first needed a brand identity – for use not only on the website but also in other printed and digital media. Satur9 collaborated closely with the client to iterate concepts and designs that effectively portrayed the unique, hand-made feel of the items the company specialises in.

Built on the WordPress platform and utilising an e-commerce suite and blogging tools, Satur9 guided the client through the processes from initial design, setup of the store, and to the final launch.

Founder, Alex, commented:

“Lewis’s service goes above and beyond what is expected. He is always there to help, gives clear instructions and helps put ideas of how or what could work better to create the best possible website. He is honest and trustworthy and genuinely cares about the website and what his clients think or need.”

The finished mobile-optimised website is a fully-bespoke design and build, allowing administrators to add, edit and manage all content across the website, as well as handle stock, payments and orders, plus standard pages and blog posts. The website is furnished with social media feeds and the ability for customers to sign up to a newsletter for special discounts.

Further updates and features continue to be easily implemented – ensuring THOH have a modern, future-proof digital presence as they mature over the coming the years.

Alex adds:

“I am extremely happy with [the] website. The feedback has been really positive and it helps create the brand. The website is easy to navigate for the customer and when it comes to updating the back-end of the website, it’s really easy to do… 
…I know whenever I’m ready to update or change anything Lewis will be there in a flash with all the help and support I need.”

Take a look at the website (and try to resist the temptation to purchase an item or two); we’d love to know what you think:

And if you want to talk to us about taking your business’s website to the next level, get in touch today.

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