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Are you happy with your CMS?

20 Apr , 2016  

We’ve spent a lot of time recently working with agencies, and in particular helping them out with updates to their clients’ websites on all sorts of tasks. Here’s a few thoughts we came away with, having learnt first-hand from some of the processes.

Often when your business website is completed and launched, there’s a certain bedding-in period as you get used to making updates yourself during those first few weeks. You may require CMS training or periodic calls to your agency for support questions – that’s all pretty standard stuff.

But as the months and even years go by, then what? You may decide that you want to change certain aspects of your website, or add in new parts. You may discover that you can’t do things to your website that you thought you would be able to.

  • Is your CMS capable of handling this level of flexibility?
  • Was it even anticipated at the design or build stage, or was the site dictated by the agency?
  • Is the CMS so complicated/fiddly to use that you often forget how to use it, and resort to asking your agency to doing it for you instead?
  • Who is responsible for maintaining the CMS?

The reason we got to thinking about all this is because they are all legitimate, real-world issues which we ran into. It’s a particular quandary with very old websites – built perhaps years ago by some now-defunct agency who are no longer around to help you. Short term thinking in designing and building websites is all-too common, and causes long-term problems.

At Satur9, we understand these issues, and build them into our processes and assumptions right from the start. Our CMS’s are tailored to your needs but also to your level of experience, and we’re always on hand to help should you need assistance. We can easily extend the capabilities of your website over time, because we factor in long-term strategies from the beginning – and never just offer up a quick fix ‘OK now; worry about it later’ solution.

Also, if you’re an agency who doesn’t have the time or skills to re-factor long-languished websites for your clients – then get in touch because we have the know-how!

What are your experiences with your CMS? Love it? Hate it? What do you wish had been done differently for your website, looking back? We’d love to hear your thoughts.

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